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Director/Designer Dmitry Krymov on Modern Russian Theatre

Having enjoyed a rollercoaster career in theatre design and production, Dmitry Krymov now teaches stage design at Moscow's prestigious Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS). Born in 1954, the designer and director's diverse, experimental, unusual and indeed unique approach to putting on a play has established him as one of the most original directorial voices of the century so far. Working with his students, Krymov is renowned especially for his bold, stripped-down presentation of the raw emotions of theatre, using set design that revolves around simplicity and transparency and questioning the accepted norms of design.

In an evening of conversation Krymov, who is famed for his visually stunning performances, discusses his interpretation of theatre and the role of objects, actors and atmosphere on the stage. He talks about his work with students and how theatre can only really be learnt in the dusty glare of the spotlight.