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Pushkin House Russian Wine Club: Wine Tasting: Forever Classics

Six wines from different grape varieties made in different styles which are considered classics will be tasted; plus, background information on the history of the wines and their grape varieties, their connection with Russia, and what food matches them best, how the wines should be served and stored and their best alternatives.

And as usual to round things off there will be a short wine quiz, with the winner receiving a prize.

Or do we mean intellectual conversation, the “witty talk and sparkling verse” that filled the houses of great men – wine parties in times of yore?

Does wine create art, or is wine an art form in its own right? Was Pushkin sipping a French red as he wrote Chapter 4 - Да здравствует Бордо, наш друг! – of Evgeny Onegin?  

But maybe wine is really about the simple things in life: red for meat and white for fish; varietal over blend, chilled whites and warm reds.

Or perhaps it revolves purely around capturing the moment? Adding depth to any occasion – a glass of good wine implements the advise of the great sage, Persian philosopher and poet Omar Khayyam: "Be happy in this moment. This moment is your life."

Ah, and what is a favourite wine? Is it an absolute, a lack of knowledge or just a guard against disappointment?

However you answer these questions – and whatever wine means to you – it’s time to discuss human’s love affair with the drink through the ages and in Russia, over a glass or two, at Pushkin House.  

To drink is to think - therefore I am! Let’s start a wine club!

There will be 6 wines to taste at each tasting session, which will include references to Russian culture, history and traditions.

About Tanya Nesterova: 

Tanya Nesterova has been a visiting lecturer in translation at Westminster University for 17 years. She studied wine at WSET and has worked at the museum of wine, Vinopolis, for 8 years. She writes about wine and is currently working on the project Russia and the Wine World.

Вдовы Клико или Моэта
Благословенное вино
В бутылке мерзлой для поэта
На стол тотчас принесено.
Оно сверкает Ипокреной (25) 
Оно своей игрой и пеной
(Подобием того-сего)
Меня пленяло: за него
Последний бедный лепт, бывало,
Давал я. Помните ль, друзья?
Его волшебная струя
Рождала глупостей не мало,
А сколько шуток и стихов,
И споров, и веселых снов!