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Presenting the English edition of Sergey Sedov's Heracles' 12 Great Labours (translated by Melanie Moore) with signings by the author (with photo-session), in an afternoon of animated film and story-telling, cartoons and poetry reading for children aged five and upwards,with three of Russia's best-loved children's writers - Sergei Sedov, Marina Boroditskaya and Marina Moskvina. 

In Russian.

Marina Boroditskaya was born in Moscow in 1954 and graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Languages in 1976. Marina is a renowned translator of English, American and French classical poetry. Her English poetry includes the first translation into Russian of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde, Donne, Burns, Keats, Kipling and Longfellow. She has translated several English-language children’s writers, including A. A. Milne, Eleanor Farjeon and Hilaire Belloc. Marina has written five books of verse: I Am Undressing A Soldier (1994), Single Skating (1999), The Year Of Horse (2002), It Should Be Possible (2005), Ode To Myopia (2009) as well as over a dozen children's books.In 2006 and 2010 she was awarded the Moscow Count poetry diplomas; also in 2010, the British Council Lion And Unicorn prize for translations of English poetry, and the Master Of Translation prize for her book on the Cavalier Poets (2010). In addition, she has been awarded three national prizes for children's poetry, including the most prestigious Korney Chukovsky prize. Her work has been featured regularly in Novy Mir and Inostrannaya Literatura since 1978. Marina presents the Radio Russia programme,  Literary Pharmacy,contributes to BBC radio and works as a freelance interpreter at international events. Many of her poems have been translated into English.

Marina Moskvina is a contemporary Russian author published in many countries and whose books include The Road to Annapurna,Walkers on the Sky and On the Way of Birds, published by Eksmo, Her travels, frequently with her husband, Leonid Tishkov, provide material for her books, which he illustrates. They have travelled to India, Japan, Nepal, Spain, France, Vietnam, Laos and Israel. 
Marina teaches at the Moscow Institute of Modern Arts and has written on the art of creativity in her book, Study to Look, or The Lessons of Creative Flying. For many years.
Radio Russia broadcast her programme, In the Company of Marina Moskvina. Her children’s book, My Dog Likes Jazz, is a collection of funny and fantastic tales about friendship and cosmic love, which in 2000 attracted a Diploma of Honour from the Hans Christian Andersen Award (IBBY), and has been widely translated.
Currently, Marina is writing a novel about her grandfather and the 1917 revolution.

Sergey Sedov was born in Moscow in 1954. He graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical University, immediately following which he worked for a while as a primary school teacher. He quit school shortly after and in common with many of his fellow artists and writers of those times, took to street cleaning and working as an artist's model. Sergey Sedov then began to turn into a prominent children's writer: firstly in the newspaper Family, 1987. His first published book, The Wonderful Stories of Lyosha, was about a little boy who could turn himself into any-any-anything, followed by many more wonderful tales  Tales of Kings, Tales about Mums, Over 10s tales Heracles' 12 Great Labours (just published in English) His books have been reprinted many many times and translated into various languages... some becoming the basis of animated movies. His very special tales are both for children and adults. He is a Member of the Writers' Union of Moscow (since 1993)