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RUSSIAN WINE CLUB: Wine and Chocolate

This will be our first tasting in Pushkin House where top chocolate will be matched with our favourite wines so that the melting indulgence of one could be complemented and even enhanced by the sophistication of flavours and subtleties in wine. Is it possible to enjoy a very dark chocolate with white wine or a white chocolate with a tannic red? Is chocolate really good with Champagne, as common wisdom has it? And where does a sweet wine come into it? Oh, and what about Montezuma? How did he like his chocolate?

All that and much more will be discussed but the best part of it will be of course devoted to tasting, matching, enjoying and being inspired by the complexity and the burst of flavours on the palate. And we’ll try at least 36 combinations just in one evening! As usual, there will be a mini-quiz at the end, so someone will go home with a prize.