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Nika Shirocorad Family Subscription Concert 5/6: 'Alice in Wonderland' (PART 2)

artwork by Nika Shirocorad

artwork by Nika Shirocorad

Fifth in our series of weekly Sunday afternoon subscription concerts, running from Sunday 18 January to Sunday 22 February, by pianist Nika Shirocorad, each woven round the story of a different fairy-tale.  Nika describes to children and their parents how music tells a story, and combines short pieces of piano music with conversation about the work and screenings of animated fairytales: the perfect introduction to the world of classical music.  

In Russian.  Suitable for children age 4 and up.

Family Сlassical piano/ ballet theatrical show:

Alice in Wonderland (PART 2)

D.Scarlatti - sonatas 

G. Hydén - sonata in d minor

Old English ballads 

"Алиса в зазеркалье" (2ая часть)

Музыка  Доменико Скарлатти - сонаты

 Езеф Гайдна - Соната ре минор

Старинные Английские баллады 

 Nika Shirocorad was born in St. Petersburg into a family of well-known artists and won her first serious piano prize at the age of 6. A truly modern and multicultural pianist, she went on to study at the National Conservatory in Russia, the Chisinau Academy, the Chopin Conservatory in Poland and the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, among others.  She has won numerous prestigious competitions all over the world, notably the Janet Duff Greet Prize awarded by the Royal Academy of Music in 2010, and she is a regular on the international concert circuit. Her recent appearances include performances at the Cannes Film Festival, a Japan Tour and a solo recital for the Manchester Midday Concert Series at the Bridgewater Hall. An active visual artist, Nika's work is displayed in numerous