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EXHIBITION OPENING: 'Akhmatova. Anrep. Berlin'.

Courtesy of the Anna Akhmatova Museum in Fountain House, St.-Peterburg

Courtesy of the Anna Akhmatova Museum in Fountain House, St.-Peterburg

The full-size sculpture of a tree will pierce through Pushkin House in this multimedia installation by artists Vitaly Pushnitsky and Olga Jurgenson, built by constructor designer Hugo Sterk.  Archive materials from the Anna Akhmatova Museum in St Petersburg are interrogated and arranged around Akhmatova's British encounters Boris Anrep and Isaiah Berlin.  Curator - Elena Zaytseva.  With the support of the Russky Mir Foundation.

7.30 – 8.30 pm

Panel discussion 'The Guest from the Future' on the interconnecting lives of Anna Akhmatova, Boris Anrep and Isaiah Berlin with the talks by Henry Hardy, a Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford and one of Isaiah Berlin’s Literary Trustees and Nina Popova, the Director of Ann Akhmatova museum in Fountain House in St.-Petersburg. Moderated by BBC journalist Natalia Rubinstein


Film ‘Борис Анреп. Мозаика судьбы’, presented by the director Igor Kalyadin (In Russian with English subtitles).

The Guest from the Future

Artistic Treatments of the Meetings between Anna Akhmatova and Isaiah Berlin

Talk by Henry Hardy

The all-night meeting between Isaiah Berlin and Anna Akhmatova in Leningrad in November 1945 has achieved an iconic cultural status. It has also inspired several artistic treatments, including a filmed re-enactment, books, plays, poems and an opera. In his richly illustrated talk Isaiah Berlin’s longstanding editor surveys the astonishing impact of this now legendary encounter, linking it to the historical events that lie behind it, and recording Berlin’s own reactions to some of the works in question.

Henry Hardy, a Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford, is one of Isaiah Berlin’s Literary Trustees. He has edited (or co-edited) many other books by Berlin, including a four-volume edition of his letters, the final volume of which will be published in September.

Anrep. Akhmatova. Berlin.

Talk by Nina Popova

Nina Popova, an author of the article for the exhibition catalogue, will talk about live of Akhmatova in St.-Petersburg, her personal drama that was tightly connected with the tragedy of Russian history of the twentieth century. Her romance with the artist Boris Anrep was interconnected with the historical cataclysms: he decided to leave the country after 1917 Revolution and settled down in “civilized” London, she decided to stay with her people in St.-Petersburg, that was her strong ethical choice. The rare encounters with Anreo and later – with Isiah Berlin were important events in Akhmatova's life that was reflected in her poetry.

Nina Popova is a philologist, writer and the Director of the Anna Akhmatova Museum in Fountain House, St.-Petersburg. She runs the museum from the very day the museum was established in the flat where Anna Akhmatova used to live for the most significant period of time. Nina Popova was the key person to create museum's extensive and valuable collection and organize its bespoke displays and exhibitions. Before starting the Anna Akhmatova Museum in Fountain House she run the State Museum of Alexander Pushkin. She is an author of very many articles on life and poetry of Anna Akhmatova and co-author of the books such as ‘“So it was”: Anna Akhmatova and Isaiah Berlin’ (2009) and ‘Anna Akhmatova and Fountain House' (1999).


RSVP to is essential, as seating is limited.