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“One Year in the Life of a “Foreign Agent” in Russia”: A Talk by Anna Sharogradskaya

On 23 March 2015, Anna Sharogradskaya, director of the Regional Press Institute, an NGO based in St. Petersburg, paid a fine of 400,000 roubles for refusing to register her NGO as a 'foreign agent'. It was the largest fine yet levied under the 'foreign agent' law. The Regional Press Institute was originally set up as the branch of the Russian-American Press and Information Center  in St. Petersburg in 1993 with a mission to assist journalists and independent media outlets develop  as a part of a democratic society. Until recently Sharogradskaya faced prosecution for "extremism" after she was detained on June 5, 2014 at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo airport and her computer, I-Pad and 11 memory sticks  were taken from her by the customs officers.

Anna Sharogradskaya will describe the situation in the Russian media today, and pose the question: where  has the ”glasnost” of Gorbachev’s time gone - and why?

In English.

This is a Pushkin Club event and all are welcome.

Anna Sharogradskaya has been the director of the Regional Press Institute since its origin in 1993. Prior to that she was teaching journalism students at Leningrad (St. Petersburg) university.

Professor Sharogradskaya has been a trainer and consultant for practicing journalists in various programs in Russia and abroad: European Journalism Center (Maastricht, Netherlands), IREX PROMEDIA, Kiev, Simpheropol, Yalta (Ukraine), Tbilisi (Georgia), Prague (Czeck Republic). For more than two decades Anna Sharogradskaya was a visiting scholar at SWSEEL (Bloomington, IN., USA).

Her teaching areas are Russia through the Russian Media; Media Ethics; Reporting Diversity; Civic Journalism.

Anna Sharogradskaya has been on the editorial board of JOURNALISM, Theory, Practice & Criticism (Great Britain); ECOLOGY and LAW; expert for Media Diversity Institute (London) and Open Russia School of Public Poliсy. She is also a Russian advisory board member for Paul Klebnikov FUND.

She is the author of many publications in Russia and abroad: “MEDIA ETHICS FOR RUSSIAN JOURNALISTS AS A PRETEXT FOR DISCUSSION”, “REPORTING ETHNIC DIVERSITY” (co-author Anna Sevort’jan) and contributed to MEDIA SELF-REGULATION, Journalism and Law series.