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We all know that the best wine is the wine we like. But what about a quality wine? Is it simply subjective? What is it that determines the quality of wine and dictates its price? And how can we learn to distinguish between a poor wine and a quality wine? What if I like a £5 bottle of wine more than a £20 bottle? Am I wrong or do I have a poor taste? Some people say spend as much as you can on a bottle of wine. Some say that if you spend £20 on a bottle of wine in a pizza restaurant, you can spend £20 on a bottle of fine wine for a meal at home. And why stop there? Maybe you’d like to buy an even better bottle of wine for a very special occasion, but what to buy and how can you be sure that it will be worth it?

To answer all these questions, we need to taste, compare and contrast the everyday and the outstanding, so come along to PREMIUM vs REGULAR WINES – THE SEQUEL, at the Pushkin House Russian Wine Club, on WEDNESDAY, 13th May, 7pm-9pm and discover for yourself the differences between the two in the second part of our fine wine investigation.