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Within the framework of our current exhibition, Richard Davies: Russian Types and Scenes, we are screening a series of films set in the north-west of Russia where Richard took the photographs in the book and documented the grass-roots projects for the restoration and preservation of wooden architecture, for which (both the architecture and the social initiatives to preserve it) the region is famous.

Second in the series is The Return (Возвращение), the 2003 film by Andrei Zvyagintsev, filmed around Lake Ladoga and the Gulf of Finland, which won the Golden Lion at that year's Venice Film Festival.  It tells the story of two boys whose father suddenly returns home after a 12-year absence and takes them on a holiday to a remote island on a lake which turns into a test of manhood of almost mythic proportions. 

This event is free. Seats are limited and are provided on first come first served basis.