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Being a Poet Today: an evening in Russian and English with Anatoly Movshevich and Peter Daniels

artwork by Christopher Moody

artwork by Christopher Moody

Two poets, one living in Dzerzhinsk, Russia (Anatoly Movshevich), the other in London (Peter Daniels), will talk about what it means to be a poet today, and compare challenges and similarities. 'What great Russian poets of the 20th century remain unknown to the English reader? How well do Russian readers and artists know contemporary British poetry?' will be among other questions discussed.

A selection of readings from Movshevich’s latest book ‘Silent Voice’ translated by Daniels will be presented in Russian and English.  Peter Daniels will also read from his recent translations of Vladislav Khodasevich and his own work, including the his poem ‘Shoreditch Orchid’ which won the Daily Telegraph Arvon International Poetry Competition. 

Doors & bar: 7pm; readings and discussion: 7.30pm; close 9pm.

Peter Daniels is a British poet and translator of Russian literature. He has won a number of well-known literary competitions, including the Times Literary Supplement Competition, the Ver Poets Competition and the Ledbury Poetry Competition, and is an author of several pamphlets and a book of poetry. In 2009 he started translating Vladislav Khodasevich, a collection of which was published by Angel Classics in 2013.

Anatoly Movshevich is the author of four books of poetry and prose and a collection of essays ‘Towards the Past in Search of the Present’. In 2010 a selection of his poetry and a chapter from ‘Towards the Past in Search of the Present’ were translated into Dutch by the professor of Russian literature Willem G. Weststeijn and published in ‘Tijdschrift voor Slavische Literatuur’ in Amsterdam. His book ‘Silent Voice’ is a compilation of poetry, prose and dramatic scenes. The illustrations for the books were made by the English artist and Anglican priest Christopher Moody (one of whose illustrations is above).