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'The Way to Ukraine'

“The Way to Ukraine”: journalist Sarah Hurst talks about and shows excerpts from her new film on the Russian citizens abandoning Russia for Ukraine.

The film “The Way to Ukraine” was made single-handedly on a near-zero budget in April this year, and has had over 12,000 views on YouTube. It is in Russian with English subtitles. It features some prominent anti-Putin activists, including Pavel Shekhtman, who escaped from house arrest in Moscow after being prosecuted for a Facebook post, and Yekaterina Maldon, who led numerous pro-Ukrainian actions in Moscow, including throwing a toy gun on the stage at Mikhail Porechenkov during a curtain call. Sarah Hurst talks about the making of the film and the people in it, and where they are today.

Sarah Hurst is a journalist who has been covering Russia and the former Soviet Union since her first visit aged 17 in 1990, when she interviewed Soviet Interior Minister Vadim Bakatin and Pravda Editor Ivan Frolov. She has worked for BBC Monitoring in Azerbaijan and in Caversham, and wrote about the Russian Far East while living in Alaska for 12 years. After the annexation of Crimea she founded the X Soviet blog on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. She is the author of the book “Curse of Kirsan: Adventures in the Chess Underworld.”