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'LADA': All-Day Festival of Russian Songs and Traditions (1): Family Activities

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They are just one part of a day-long celebration of Russian culture and traditions at Pushkin House: games, arts & crafts, village folk song & choral workshops, traditional costume, folk toys and ornaments, and a rousing evening concert. There is something for everyone: fun for families with children, free tasters, some learning for the curious and some depth for the sophisticated. 

The programme is presented by UK's leading specialists in Russian folk and choral culture and opens the new season of the UK Russian Folklore and Choral Society LADA.  This is a first festival of this kind in London, a rare chance to delve into Russian traditional culture in a friendly, participatory environment with captivating, expertly researched and presented activities.  All welcome, Russian speakers and non-Russian speakers - the festival will be led both in English and Russian.

Пушкинский Дом, клуб ИЗБА и Русское Фольклорно-Хоровое Общество ЛАДА открывают сезон праздником русской песни и русских народных традиций: игры и развлечения, хоровое и фольклорное пение, выставка народных ремесел и костюма и большой заключительный концерт. Для каждого найдется развлечение по вкусу: веселые игры и поделки для семей с детьми, бесплатные экскурсии и воркшопы, возможность открыть для себя новые жанры и традиции, попробовать себя под руководством мастеров, а также услышать лучших сольных и хоровых исполнителей русской музыки.

Exhibition from 12 noon: “The world of tradition”: costumes, dolls and household objects, presented by Zinaida Petruchenia.  Free entry.  There will be a 20-minute free guided tour of the exhibition for families, 'Great-grandma's toys' at 1.45pm.

Выставка “Мир традиции” народного костюма, кукол, и предметов обихода по материалам Зинаиды Петручени. Вход бесплатный.


“Little Bunny, step out into the circle”, a family gathering with traditional games. With Polina Proutskova

“Заинька, выйди в круг” Семейная игровая вечорка с Полиной Пруцковой и IZBA Voices

This session will run twice, from 12pm-12.45pm, and from 2.30pm-3.15pm.

Традиционные русские игры, пляски и песни для всей семьи. Как родителям весело и интересно провести время с детьми, а детям с родителями? Играем в игры, детские и не очень, водим хороводы и др. Динамичная сессия, полная музыки, движения и игры.


“Clever little hands": a family workshop of traditional arts and crafts with Zinaida Petruchenia

“Мастер и Мастерица” Семейная мастерская традиционных ремесел с Зинаидой Петрученей

This session will run once, from 1pm-1.45pm.

Используем природные материалы и экспериментируем с народными традициями. На дворе осень, урожай давно собран. Зерна и солома - прекрасный материал для создания самых разных удивительных вещей, от куколок-зерновушек до музыкальных инструментов.

Please note: 

Family Ticket (Small) is for families of 1 or 2 adults and 1 child: £7

Family Ticket (Large) is for families of 1 or 2 adults and 2 to 3 children: £11

To attend one of the afternoon Singing Workshops (4.15pm - 6.15pm) CLICK HERE

For the Evening Concert (7pm) CLICK HERE

During the singing workshops, and the evening concert, early years specialists “Mama I malysh” will be offering a creche/kids group with plenty of exciting activities and things to do.

Festival food provided by St Petersburg's favourite pie shop Stolle.

Polina Proutskova has been researching and singing Russian and other musical traditions for over 15 years, conducting field research in various regions of Russia. Her Berlin-based vocal ensemble Polynushka won the most prestigious musical award in German-speaking countries and initiated a Russian folklore subculture in Berlin. Now in London as a vocal coach and a PhD candidate at Goldsmiths, Polina continues to advocate for less well-known aspects of Russian musical culture.



Zinaida Petruchenia is a specialist in Russian traditional arts and crafts, costumes and cuisine. She participated in numerous workshops and seminars in Russia on various aspects of traditional culture. She was born in Uglich in the heart of Russia, grew up in a village and carried her love to the agricultural way of life and to village traditions through all the years and all the countries she traveled. Zinaida leads the Russian Village Music Club IZBA at Pushkin House together with Polina Proutskova.