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Blue Blouse performance by The Factory of the Eccentric Actor

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The theatre company, The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor, have created an evening of performance inspired by The Blue Blouse theatre movement and the recent wonderful Exhibition of Russian Avant-Garde Theatre at the Victoria and Albert Museum. This is an imaginative and original production, which seeks to re-create the energy and the vibrant atmosphere of the Blue Blouse’s own performances. 

Twelve actors will be taking part in the show, which will last approximately one hour, and there will be live music. 

The Blue Blouse (Синяя блуза) theatre troupe were an influential agitprop theatre collective, created by Boris Yuzhanin under the auspices of the Moscow Institute of Journalism. They were an extremely entertaining and very important theatre movement, now long forgotten. They thrived between 1923 and 1927, when they merged with the Workers Youth Theatre.

This is an important piece of Russian theatre history, which will be brought to life for us in Pushkin House. 

Past performances at Pushkin House for the Pushkin Club by The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor include ‘The Bear’, ‘The Proposal’, ‘A Wedding’, ‘Jubilee’ and ‘Victory Over The Sun’. These have all been received with great acclaim. 

In accord with the spirit of the Blue Blouse movement, this event will be free.