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film screening and discussion with Stanislaw Tsalyk: 'HOLLYWOOD ON THE DNIEPER: DREAMS FROM ATLANTIS’

 'HOLLYWOOD ON THE DNIEPER: DREAMS FROM ATLANTIS’ - film screening, followed by discussion with the Ukrainian historian Stanislaw Tsalyk, the film’s scriptwriter.

An interesting and beautiful documentary film about an abandoned village on the Dnieper where Paradjanov, Tarkovsky and Dovzhenko all shot some of their work. The film includes both unused cuts from films by all three directors as well as much important historical background.

Film in Russian, with full English subtitles, talk in Russian interpreted into English.

'A profitably oblique peek into a semi-forgotten chapter of cinema history, Hollywood on the Dnieper: Dreams From Atlantis (Gollivud nad Dniprom: Sni z Atlantidi) is a gentle but illuminatingly enjoyable stroll down a picturesque memory lane. Chronicling the mid-'50s to mid-'70s period when the tiny riverside village of Buchak became the backwater epicenter for bucolic epics and oddball folklore extravaganzas, this sophomore feature-length effort from director/co-writer Oleh Chorny (2012's Bogdan Harylyshyn: Mission Freedom) exudes a small-screen feel throughout. But while it could easily be trimmed down to an hour for TV, the wryly nostalgic journey into Ukraine's Soviet past should also find its way into those movies-on-movies sidebars increasingly popular at film festivals.' (By Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter)

Stanislav Tsalyk is a Ukrainian writer, essayist, historian, researcher of region features. The Member of the National Filmmakers Union of Ukraine (screenwriter) since 1997. The Member of the Association of European Journalists since 2013. A winner of Kyiv City Award in film arts (2016). The author of books and also more than 1000 articles, dedicated to unknown pages of Ukrainian and Kyiv history and life of eminent historical persons. Stanislav Tsalyk was born and now lives in Kyiv, he is the native Kyivan in the fourth generation. 


Please note that because of the nature of our premises the subtitles may not be clearly visible from the back rows. Please email us if this may be an issue.