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Масленица в клубе ИЗБА

Maslenitsa – Shrovetide – at the IZBA Club


“We awaited Maslenitsa, gave her wine and pancakes,

We thought she would last for seven weeks, but she dashed away as if it were a single day.

She tricked us, made us open our wallets,

took away all cheese and butter, brought us to a dark corner

where the Great Lent is waiting – stretching up to summer.”

Russia used to sink into a whirl of wild merriment for seven days every year – Maslenitsa was the merriest celebration of the year and was eagerly awaited. With boisterous joy, singing and dancing people banished the cold winter. They stuffed themselves with pancakes, cheese and butter ahead of the fasting of Lent. Hot and round, Russian pancakes symbolised the sun and were thought to bring closer the warmth of Spring.

Today the whole of Russia and the Russian diaspora endeavour to revive the tradition of this happy celebration. We are going to do it in a special way – with ancient ritual songs and traditions, experiencing the culture that gave us this exciting festival.

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This evening session is intended for adults (parents with older children are also welcome). In English and Russian. There is a family session - more suitable for younger children - run in Russian only on Sunday afternoon. 

Tickets: £16 adult /£8 child in advance; £20 adult /£10 child on the door; children under 2 years old free.

"Ждали мы Маслену, поджидали, и блина, и вина ей дали,

Думали: она - семь недель, а она - как один день.

Обманула - провела, деньги только растрясла,

Сыр да масло унесла, в закоулок завела,

А там великий пост - аж до лета мост! " 

Дорогие друзья, приходите всей семьей праздновать Масленицу в наш русский деревенский музыкальный клуб ИЗБА: с традиционными песнями и обрядами, с весельем и блинами. Отмечаем Масленицу укреплением связи с той культурой, которая дала нам этот замечательный праздник. У нас вы встретите Масленицу наполненную смыслом, традициями и пением.

Билеты: £10 (ребёнку)/£20 (взрослому) на входе, £8/£16 заранее.