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Professor Aleksandra Shatskikh: Vitebsk – Centre of the Russian Avant-Garde (1917–22)


In twentieth century art the city of Vitebsk has earned global recognition thanks to its most celebrated son, Marc Chagall. This little town in White Russia (Vitebsk, now in Belarus, until 1924 belonged to the Russian Federation) was a very special place, because it had great significance not only for Chagall, but also for many other artists and intellectuals, who lived here between 1917 and 1922. The artists Kazimir Malevich, El Lissitzky, Nikolai Suetin, David Yakerson, and the philosopher Michael Bakhtin were the architects of the so-called Vitebsk Renaissance, which enjoyed its brief flowering in 1917-1922, and which was especially fruitful in visual culture.  

Aleksandra Shatskikh is an art historian and a world authority on the Russian avant-garde. She is the author of numeral books, and more than 250 articles on the art of Marc Chagall, Kazimir Malevich and other great avant-gardists.

As visiting professor she has taught Russian art history at the University of South California, University of Maryland, University of Texas at Austin

Шатских Александра Семеновна - доктор искусствоведения,  cпециалист по творчеству Казимира Малевича, Марка Шагала и русских авангардистов первой трети ХХ века. Составитель, публикатор и комментатор "Собрания сочинений Казимира Малевича в 5 томах" (М.: Гилея, 1995-2004).   Александра Шатских является автором более десятка книг, изданных на русском и английском языках.

В 2008 году за книгу "Vitebsk: Life of Art 1917 - 1922", изданную  Yale University Press, она была награждена премией Роберта Мазервелла (Robert Motherwell Book Award), присуждаемую Фондом Дедалус в США за выдающиеся труды по истории искусства модернизма.

Перу Александры Шатских принадлежат около 250 статей, посвященных как творчеству отдельных художников, так и общим вопросам развития искусства.    

Elena Zaytseva is an independent curator based in London. In recent years she curated a number of exhibitions at Pushkin House in London on the theme of relations of memory, archive, displacement and national identity, exploring the ways the institution works in cross-cultural situations.   At the moment she is finishing a MFA Curating course in Goldsmiths, University of London.



Talk in Russian, interpreted in to English.  

6.30pm doors open; 7pm talk and Q&A; 8.30pm drinks.