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LIVING THE DREAM: Life lessons from the Russian Avant-Garde

How to put the principles of the Revolution into practice every day? How to fuse Art with Life, to organise life along strictly egalitarian lines, to throw away bourgeois preoccupations and to work towards making Communism a reality?  These are some of the urgent questions with which idealistic and talented young Soviet artists and writers were grappling in the first decade of of the USSR. 

In this talk Charlotte Hobson, award winning author of Black Earth City and the freshly published The Vanishing Futurist, will discuss some of the ways the avant-garde struggled to reconcile their idealistic visions for the future with the bitter realities of civil war and Red Terror.

The Vanishing Futurist has been described in The Guardian as having 'the reviving powers of a shot of Armenian brandy', and by Peter Pomeranzevas a 'rare case of a profound book being unputdownable.'

In English

Drinks are included in the ticket price.

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