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This event is part of LADO Festival Day One.

Evening concert "Dimensions of Russian Song" with The London Russian Choir and IZBA Voices and

Большой вечерний концерт  "Грани русской песни" с  Русским хором Лондона и фольклорной студией IZBA Voices´


Polina Shepherd and London Russian Choir
Polina Proutskova and IZBA Voices

From four-part harmonies to traditional heterophony, from solo songs to large choir performance -  LADO presents all facets of Russian singing for a London audience. 
Challenge your understanding of Russian culture and experience old and new Russian music with two world class performers. Immerse yourself in the Russian countryside, past and present, with Polina Proutskova (voice) and hear the voice of the modern city with Polina Skovoroda-Shepherd (voice and piano).

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The London Russian Choir

The London Russian Choir

The London Russian choir promotes a wide range of music from Russia. It was formed in April 2013 . The group now brings together over 30 music lovers of various ages and cultural backgrounds. Most choir members do not speak Russian but a lot of attention is paid to cultural context, history, language and stylistic features of the music. Original arrangements by the choir leader include traditional lyrical and epic songs, ritual calendar music for pagan holidays, wedding songs, dance songs and and other folklore. Another part of the repertoire represents much loved by native Russians Art Songs (Romances) from the 18-19 centuries, as well as more known pieces by Bortnyansky, Stravinsky, Tchaikovsky and other classics. 

IZBA Voices

IZBA Voices

Russian folk ensemble IZBA Voices was formed in 2015, comprised of IZBA club holiday celebrations participants who wanted to learn more about Russian and Ukrainian singing traditions. Lead by Polina Proutskova IZBA Voices singers studied archival recordings of village musicians, got familiar with local dialects, perfected their vocal technique and traditional polyphonic singing. The singers now regularly prepare themed programmes for IZBA club holiday celebrations at Pushkin House. They performed at the last year's LADO festival as well as at the Union Chapel as part of the Daylight Music project.