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extracts from a 96 minute film with the producer Nicolas Kullman

Wine at 6.15pm, Talk starts at 6.30pm

This is a drama documentary made for LWT, Granada films, WDR and Videofilm USSR. Boris Pasternak, discredited by Stalin, creator of the immortal Dr. Zhivago, was denied the Nobel prize by Khrushchev. Dr Zhivago was banned in the USSR until 1988. Only now can the story of Pasternak be told. The words of Pasternak are spoken by Robert Powell, with Imogen Stubbs as Lara and Olga.
Boris Pasternak - an outstanding poet and writer of the Soviet era.


Nicolas Kullmann, grandson of Maria Kullmann the founder of Pushkin House, is fluent in Russian, French and English. From 1986 he worked on a major series for Turner Broadcasting Systems called Portrait of the World USSR. He produced a Russia of One's Own for Channel 4, a film set in New York, which follows the return of an emigre family to the USSR. This film was selected as the sole entry to the Grand Prix d'Italia in 1988. He has worked with the BBC for their programming in conjunction with the Millennium of the Russian Orthodox Church and on a series called Global Conflicts, analysing the superpower conflicts. In 1989 he produced a feature length dramatisation of the life of Boris Pasternak - a South Bank show special from Melvyn Bragg. He then became an adviser to Western and Russian companies, individuals and governments doing business with one another. Since then he has advised the British Government, the British Council, the Yeltsin Foundation and Bell Pottinger Communications. He is a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Viewing followed by questions and answers re. the making of the film, the history of the original Pushkin House, and the Russian emigre community in London.

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