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(SOLD OUT) Russian Film Week: Ecology


Tigers and Humans
Russia: 2016, 12+ (Duration: 52min)
Director: Sergey Yastrzhembskiy

Only around 500 endangered Amur tigers remain in the wild. According to statistics, poachers kill an average of 20 tigers every year. The main danger for these tigers comes from Russia’s eastern neighbour, China. Although the state and public organizations of Russia and China have been fighting a war against poaching for years, what are the results of their efforts? The filmmaker of Tigers and Humans went to Russia’s Far East, China and the South-Eastern countries to conduct his own investigation.


A documentary about the making of 3D film The Heart of the World: Baikal, by  producer Igor Dobrovolsky soon to be released in 3D
                           Director: Anastasia Popova. Producer: Igor Dobrovolsky                                                        

The largest freshwater reservoir on Earth – Lake Baikal – as never seen before! This gorgeously shot documentary showcases the splendour of the lake, its crystal depths and the surrounding fauna. Yet, a sobering look at the looming water crisis, revealing possible solutions to an international issue. 


Russian Film Week includes world premieres and screenings of contemporary Russian films in cinema theaters in London and other UK cities bringing the best of Russian culture. 2017 is set to be a great year for the RFW featuring a diversified screening programme, a strong educational (masterclasses, lectures, talks) programme, exhibitions, industry events, VIP programme and entertainment.  RFW’s partners this year include the BFI, Science Museum, Synergy University, Regent Street Cinema, Film London, Russian Ministry of Culture and many more.