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Exploring Vodka: a tasting with Pushkin House Wine Club’s Tanya Nesterova, with food from Zima

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The question who produced vodka first, the Poles or the Russians, will probably never be answered, but the fact is that vodka has always been produced in countries where the winters are long and cold. In Russia it was first produced in the middle of the 15th Century at the Chudov monastery in Moscow, and it’s been popular ever since. Vodka does not have to be plain and neutral and drunk whilst holding your nose from what was often an awful smell: over the last 20 years it has acquired a sophistication and character and has taken its honourable place among other spirits.

So join us at Pushkin House to try some different styles of vodka, matched with great food from Russian Street Food restaurant ZIMA.

This talk is part of our season of events accompanying our current exhibition: 'Alcohol: Soviet anti-alcohol posters.' (23 March-13 April).