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Anastasia Zotova in conversation with 'Rights in Russia'

In this country to represent her husband, released political prisoner Ildar Dadin, who is a Finalist at the 2017 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Awards, Anastasia Zotova has done more than anyone in recent years to expose conditions in Russia’s large and brutal penitentiary system.

An opportunity to meet someone whose name has been constantly in the news since Ildar Dadin was arrested and imprisoned under a swingeing new Russian law restricting the right to protest. 

A journalist covering Dadin’s courageous one-man pickets against the Putin regime and the war in Ukraine, Zotova married the detained Dadin in late 2015 and continued to publicise his plight after he was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment and sent to a penal colony in Karelia, where he was tortured. Public outrage in Russia and abroad at descriptions of his treatment, led to his transfer to an undisclosed location. In January 2017 Dadin was admitted to be in another camp in southern Siberia. At the end of February his sentence was quashed by Russia’s Supreme Court and he was released.

Pushkin Club, Rights in Russia and Index on Censorship are proud to invite you to this evening in conversation with Anastasia Zotova. The event will be held both in English and in Russian with translation. This is a Pushkin Club event and all are welcome.