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Inside Lives: a picture of the 20th century through the memories of villagers in the Russian North

The talk is based on Lilya Khafisova’s  current project with Russian photographer Sergei Melikhov. They are recording the reminiscences of elderly residents in the Russian North.  Last summer they were accompanied by Daryl Ann Hardman who will say a few words about the wonderful wooden churches.

Lilya Khafisova works at Moscow's Tsaritsino Museum. Co-author of a book on the culture of the Kargopol area, she is now researching the traditional culture of the Russian North.





Daryl Ann Hardman has been running charity projects in the Russian speaking countries for 30 years, founding UK charity Friends of the Belarusian Children's Hospice. She has also been helping local groups in the north of Russia who are restoring ancient wooden churches.  This year the UK group she formed with Richard Davies and Cathy Giangrande is installing bells in a restored wooden church only a few miles from the White Sea.