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Russian Film Week Screening: Victim Status/Статус жертвы & I killed Alex/ Я убила Лёшу

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Victim Status/Статус жертвы

Through their stories of physical and psychological trauma, seven domestic violence victims and the film director talk about common behavior types in modern society. Every one of us could find ourselves, sooner or later, in this triangle: victim-aggressor-savior. The film suggests that no matter how terrible the situation is, one must take responsibility for one’s life and feel free to begin living and loving again.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Yulia Bobkova

Cast: Ksenia Samoilova, Alexander Pronkin, Victoria Dobrolyubova, Alexei Ivankov, Sophia and Artem klyuchnikova, Tatyana Jukes, Lydia Kopin, Alexey Zverev

Russia, 2018

In Russian with English subtitles.

32 mins.


I Killed Alex/ Я убила Лёшу

Young girl finds herself locked in an empty apartment without food, water and any ways of contacting the outside world.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get out she realises that long time ago in this very apartment the other person used to suffer too, because of her.

Year: 2018

Country: Russia

Running time: 19 min

Director and scriptwriter: Galiya Fatkhutdinova

Producer: Kira Ulanova

Cast: Dariya Gomez, Olga Lebedeva, Pavel Goncharov, Nikita Ovchinnikov

Genre: Drama

In Russian with English subtitles.

20 mins.