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Russian Film Week: Short Film Selection

A selection of films competing for the Best Short Golden Unicorn Award - mostly by young filmmakers, winners and participants of international film festivals.

Innocent/ Невиновный
Director: Denis Simachev  

Sergey lives the  ordinary life of family man and small businessman, but by misfortune, he becomes the  victim of murderers. Sergey’s last words turn out to be  unexpected after which he is even prepared to fire the fatal shot himself. It turns out that we all have many confessions to make before we die, and it’s sometimes more difficult to live with them rather than to die.

The bribe/ Взятка
Director: Vitaly Dudnik 

 A man offers a bribe to an investigator in order to induce him to close a case concerning a bribe, but it goes wrong.

Confession of a misanthrope/ Исповедь мизантропа
Director: Tatiana Zhukova

A humble college teacher wants to perform a real deed for once in his life. He spirits away a street hooligan and enchains him. However, the teacher's purpose is not a violation, but an education. He will turn scum into a human.

Director: Grigory Kalinin, Alexey Ilyin

Do you know what goes on in the head of a person you pass in the street?

The attraction/ Влечение
Director: Dmitry Tarkhov 

The inability to hear each other, even if people have a common goal, often leads to serious problems, and in this story - to tragedy.

God does exist/ Бог есть
Director: Guzel Sultanova

USSR, early 1990s. Two elementary school girls are about to be accepted into Soviet Pioneers Organization. At this  time they discovered the Kama-Sutra and realised that grown-ups had lied to them about where babies come from. But Pioneers Rules read that the Soviet Pioneer is honest and trustworthy  comrade, who must always stand up for the Truth! The  girls decide to act. However, their attempt to tell the Truth to everyone  fails, and girls await a terrible punishment. To find a way out, they begin to pray, as the Grandma of one of them taught. And what do you think?! Exactly at this point an event occurs which  changes their lives...and the life of the entire country. And now only the future will show whether God (or someone else?) heard their prayers.