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A talk by Paul Caister: “REQUIEM", Five short stories by Anton Chekhov made into a play


Join us for a talk by Paul Caister who dramatised five of Anton Chekhov’s 588 short stories into the play ‘Requiem’ which will be performed in the Upstairs at The Gatehouse from 12 September to 6 October.  This is a GB Russia event. Tickets are only available from

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860-1904) wrote 588 short stories, and ranged more widely in subject matter than any Russian writer before him. According to Somerset Maugham, Katherine Mansfield & others he was the greatest ever writer of short stories. The 5 stories that Mr. Paul Caister has dramatised have all the qualities, layers, observation & compassion of Chekhov’s 4 great plays.


Paul Caister trained at the Bristol Old Vic as an actor. He travelled to Australia, where he lived, wrote, acted, directed & taught for 5 years. On his return he started The Poor School, an acting school that he ran for 32 years. As an ardent life long fan of Chekhov, he then wrote “Requiem” for which he holds the rights. He believes it is a play that English speaking theatres around the world will want to do.

“REQUIEM” will be performed in the upstairs theatre at the Gatehouse, Highate Village, London, N6 4BD from 12 September to 6 October. 

This is a GB Russia event. Tickets (from £5 for GB Russia members) are only available from