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For Fashion's Sake: Identity and Future in Russian Fashion

To coincide with London Fashion Week Pushkin House is pleased to present a panel discussion featuring three acclaimed Russian designers Dasha Pomerantseva, Daria Razumikhina, Tatiana Ashakova, personal stylist Natasha Vinnikova and founder of a sustainable fashion project U DIG Daria Dergunova. The event will be chaired by writer, actor and fashionista Gavino di Vino.

Our guests will discuss such topics as fashion vs tradition: what attracts the world's leading designers to the Russian folk motifs and patterns (Valentino, Dolce & Gabanna, Ralph Lauren); how can traditional craftsmanship survive in the modern world? Western influences on designers and consumers in Russia including the rise of street fashion; what are the new trends?

The panel discussion will be followed by a mini fashion show featuring the work of the three designers, and an opportunity to purchase clothes and accessories from a pop-up shop created for the evening. As well as items designed and sourced by our panellists, we will also stock some footwear from Polina Magiy, a UK based  footwear designer with Russian heritage.

A welcome glass of wine is included in the ticket price.

The designer Daria Razumikhina trained at Central St Martins, London (1995-1998) and launched RAZU MIKHINA label in 1999. Razu Mikhina’s fashion collections mix different shapes, colors and moods creating an eclectic urban style. Daria calls it ETHNOFUTURISM. Oriental influences are merged with traditional slavic ornaments. Lace, ribbons, hand embroidery and applique used in folk costumes, unique prints and traditional craftsmanship all combine with contemporary proportions to create a sophisticated exotic post-folk look.

Daria Dergunova is the founder of U DIG Project, an artisan sustainable fashion social enterprise. She travels the world sourcing local independent craftswomen working in traditional production techniques, collaborate with them to create unique garments and present these wearable pieces of art in London.

Daria Pomerantseva is a fashion designer, founder of Good Bye London vintage shop in Moscow and Mrs Pomeranz brand, which specialises in dresses. Each dress is hand-crafted to order from the best fabrics: Italian costume wool, Scottish tweed, Liberty of London floral prints and Mrs Pomeranz own designs printed in the UK.

Natasha Vinnikova, founder of NV Image Styling, is a Russian-born stylist, now working between London and St Petersburg. Growing up she was always interested in fashion and has now developed that into an established career. As a little girl in Soviet times where fashion items weren’t readily available, Natasha used to sew and style her own clothes. Now working with private clients, celebrities, magazines and designers Natasha creates beautiful, individual looks influenced by her St Petersburg heritage with threads of her current London life. 

Tatiana Ashakova; founder of the headwear and accessory brand BeretkAh…! which she started while living in the UK. With an impressive experience in fashion, that she gained working as a stylist and make-up artist for over a decade Tatiana has a sharp eye on trends that enables her to create bespoke exclusive headpieces. Tatiana is a self-taught designer who grew her skills under the patronage of Joyce Young (the leading bridal wear designer from Scotland). She is not limited by specific techniques and it helps her "think outside the box" and create truly unique headpieces and accessories. For the past years BeretkAh…! has been gracing pages of numerous international magazines, appeared on catwalks within Fashion Weeks and musical shows. Unusual headpieces from plexiglass can be seen at London Hat Week and other prominent exhibitions in different countries and cities. Tatiana draws her inspiration from vintage eras and chooses to work with vintage details and materials alongside modern and natural supplies (like quartz, druzy crystals and plexiglass). Working from her Berlin's studio Tatiana manages her showroom in Moscow, supplies stockists in different countries, sells her pieces online and takes private orders.

Gavino di Vino is an actor, writer and graduate in Russian. Raised in Liverpool, fashion has been an avocation since di Vino's teens, and he has researched the history of fashion extensively alongside his degree, with a particular interest in classic couture, how notions of masculinity inform both men's and women's fashion, and how conventional codes can be subverted. He travels regularly to Russia to revel in its cultural life, his most proud moment attending Three Sisters in St Petersburg, his sensational outfit almost distracting attendees from the play! Di Vino is an awardee of the London Writers Awards for his upcoming travel book, Russia in 2017, which offers his unique perspective on Mother Russia and was recently the face of a BBC nationwide campaign promoting diversity in the arts. (Photo credit to Sophie Green )