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87 minutes


Director: Roma Shumunov

Producer: Itai Tamir


Vlad Dubinsky, Renat Khassanov, Eduard Khmelnitsky

In Hebrew, Russian with English Subtitles

Awards: Winner Israeli Film Academy – Best Music

Set to an edgy hip hop beat, Here & Now is an impressive feature film debut for its director Roma Shumunov. His sensitively-portrayed social drama is told through the eyes of Andrey, a young Russian immigrant struggling to live with his family in the slums of Ashdod and assimilate into Israeli society.

Life is bleak, with problems heaping up, and Andrey’s dreams of success with his hip hop band in a music competition almost collapse when he has to take responsibility for his entire family’s welfare.

Roman Shumunov was announced as one of the most promising young directors in Israel. Born in Georgia, after the Civil War, Roman moved with family to Russia and immigrated to Israel by himself at the age of 17, as part of program, which brought together youngsters like me, coming to Israel alone. Graduated with honors in Sapir academic college in 2011. Since then Roman Shumunov directed:Four steps to death(2019) Here and Now (2018) Babylon Dreamers(2016) Red echoes of war (2015), It’s All fun and Games (2012) No one but us (2011). Exposing unique stories and these people to viewers from other social surroundings and groups, that may not be aware to the conditions of these youngsters, is my mission. I want to raise awareness for the situation and circumstances faced by young immigrants, enabling viewers to know them a bit better, discovering what they are about beyond the common stereotypes about immigrants.

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