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The Weird and Wonderful Molokhovets: An Illustrated talk with Katrina Kollagaeva

Join Katrina Kollegaeva from Russian Revels for an illustrated talk devoted to one of the most successful 19th and early 20th-century Russian cookbooks, A Gift to Young Housewives, more commonly know as "Molokhovets". Compiled by Elena Ivanovna Molokhovets in 1861, this cookbook has been continually revised: from its first edition at a time of emancipation of the serfs to 1917 and the Communist Revolution. The book was well known in Russian households during its publication and for decades to follow. It has been republished in 2003. 

Katrina (Katya) Kollegaeva is a food anthropologist, writer (Guardian, FT, Delicious) and a business consultant.  In 2011 she started the first Russian-inspired supper club in London, which grew into Russian Revels, a catering and event business Katya co-founded with a fellow Russian Karina Baldry. From intimate private dinners to ‘immersive’ experiences with the likes of the Royal Academy of Arts and V&A, the girls have been modestly revolutionising the image of Eastern-European food! Katrina was born in Estonia to Russian/Ukrainian parents and came to London in 1998 as an asylum seeker. Food became an important way to both connect to her roots and to the newly found home in Britain. Having studied psychology and worked in management, she changed her career to food in 2009, including being a Time Out restaurant reviewer and eight years with the leading food charity Soil Association.