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Vysotsky in English: A Performance by Vadim Astrakhan

Vladimir Vysotsky (1938-1980), though hugely popular in Russia - the Russophone equivalent of Bob Dylan - is almost unknown in the rest of the world. A counter cultural figure who achieved immense fame during his lifetime and semi-mythical status after his death, the poet and bard has so far remained mostly inaccessible to those who don’t speak Russian.

Against this injustice stands US-based singer-songwriter Vadim Astrakhan and his long-running project translating Vysotsky’s songs into English. Now Astrakhan, on tour in Europe, brings ‘Vysotsky in English’ to the UK, hosted by Pushkin House.

This promises to be a cheerful and original event, where English-speakers can hear and learn about Russia’s bard, and Russians can enjoy his music from a new perspective.

In English, with some Russian