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Film screening "Six musicians and the city" followed by Q&A with filmmaker Tatiana Daniliyants

Between East and West, between strong traditions and today’s innovations, between the nostalgic melodies of duduk and the beat of modern jazz, is Yerevan. Six musicians, six styles, six personal stories behind one of the most musical cities in the former Soviet Union. At the end of the 20th century after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Yerevan survived wars, the blockade, a period of “darkness and hunger” and almost total isolation. Now it is changing dramatically, searching for its own identity, its path of development and its place in the world in the new millennium. The six participants of this film, including Grammy and World Music Award Laureate Arto Tuncboyaciyan and world-wide famous “duduk-voice” Jivan Gasparyan, are the “genius loci” of Yerevan. They personify its hidden pain and beauty. This documentary film captures Tatiana Daniliyants’ ten years of research and an attentive eye for these musicians’ own stories and their extraordinary music.

Режиссер: Татьяна Данильянц.

Продюсеры: Артем Констандян, Татьяна Данильянц

В фильме приняли участие: Дживан Гаспарян, Арто Тунчбояджян, Левон Малхасян, Лилит Пипоян, Форш, Микаэл Восканян.

Шесть выдающихся армянских музыкантов, шесть музыкальных стилей, шесть личных историй на фоне одной из самых значимых музыкальных столиц бывшего Советского Союза, Еревана. После коллапса СССР, пережив войны, время «темноты» и практически полную изоляцию, в новом тысячелетии город ищет свое место в мире, свое предназначение, свою идентичность. Лауреат премии «Грэмми» и World Music Award, создатель легендарной группы «Armenian Navy Band» Арто Тунчбоджян, «голос и дух» дудука Дживан Гаспарян, и другие замечательные участники фильма, они – «гении места» Еревана. Они говорят и поют о своем любимом городе, являя его красоту и скрытую боль.

Tatiana Daniliyants was graduated as a Master of Fine Art at the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts named after Vasily Surikov in 1994 and Higher Courses of Film Directing and Script Writing (faculty of directing) in Moscow in 2004. She passed master-class of Polish film-director Andzei Waida in Poland in 1997.

Since 1998 Tatiana Daniliyants worked as commissioner, journalist and film-director on several state and private TV channels in Russia and also as a creative consultant in International Advertising Companies (Grey WorldWide, etc.). In 2001 Tatiana Daniliyants established with partners Film Company “Butterfly Angel Film” which is specialized in producing films with strong accent on culture and society.

Tatiana Daniliyants is also a visual artist and poet, author of numerous exhibitions in Russia, Europe and USA, participant of Moscow Biennale of Modern Art. Four books of her poetry were published in Russia and five books outside of Russia in translation.

Since 2010 Tatiana Daniliyants is a Master/Professor of film-directing in School of Visual Art belong by the Centre of Contemporary Art.