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The Last of the Soviet Artists: A talk by Victoria Lomasko

The historic memory of the Soviet Empire, its art and its heroes, ends with the generation born in the mid-1970s, who were educated by teachers established in the Soviet system. In this talk, artist Victoria Lomasko reflects on the contemporary Russian artists who continue to work with Soviet themes, images and styles. Lomasko, the daughter of an artist-decorator working in Soviet times, describes herself as 'the last Soviet artist' as her art draws heavily on the Soviet tradition of illustration and graphic design. She will reflect on her own work, as well as that of celebrated Russian contemporary artists such as Irina Korina and Pavel Otdelnov. 

Victoria Lomasko is a Moscow-based artist and author working in the genre of graphic journalism. She is the coauthor of Forbidden Art (2011) which was nominated for the Kandinsky Prize. Her new book Other Russians (2017), translated by Thomas Campbell, was published by N+1 and Penguin and received the 'Best Book in Translation' in 2018 as part of the Pushkin House Book Prize. She has also co-curated two major exhibitions - The Feminist Pencil and Drawing the Court. A graduate of the Moscow State University of Printing Arts, her work has been exhibited in numerous shows in Russia and abroad, and her latest project is the mural design for the GRAD gallery at Somerset House in London.