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Workshop, in person
Dust and Shapes: Modern Migration and Belonging through Food
Sat 6 April 20246 Apr 2024 
12:0002:00 PM

Join us for a tactile lunch workshop reinterpreting ingredients from different places, followed by a bespoke exhibition. We aim to share an experience of modern migration, connect through the culinary arts, and create a sense of belonging.

Dust and Shapes is a sensory awakening experience aiming to reflect how origin and journey affect our choices, how one's unique encounters shape the present and future, and how our roots entangle and intertwine with foreign elements, forming new pathways.

We will gather around recipes from our memories, combining elements from our journey so far and forming new connections with our surroundings and other individuals within the space, regardless of the differences found in identity.

Throughout the day, there will be works displaying elements of migration, from cultural identity to a land of the displaced and a resurgence of the same identity through a complex combination of acceptance and the inevitable convergence of cultures. 

Migration is a process one is inflicted to go through due to the culmination of choices, both unseen and planned, and an individual finds oneself navigating this journey while struggling to procure sustenance. 

This event highlights how one finds themselves integrating their own cultural practices and traditional recipes with where they are now. The feeling of displacement, which cannot be removed completely, is evolving into something personal to each individual and their journeys.

The workshop will run from 12–2pm and from 2–4pm there will be an artwork sharing, open for anyone to attend.

Reserve your place if you would like to view the exhibition after the event - HERE



Giuseppe Burdo @giuseppib
Veronique Chen @sangyu_chen
Anoushka Gogoi @n0n0noush
Clara Ada Mantegazza @claramntgz

Exhibition Artists 

Arohi Gupta @amethyst_arrow_
Emilia Gonzalez @emilia.g.s
J.D Rooney @jd_rooney
Jihyun Kim @kimkim_ceramic
Khushboo @studio_khushboo
Mati Aroz @mati_araoz_
Mehmil Nadeem @mehmil.nadeem
Mengyuan Tong @art.becky_tong
Monica Tong @studio.m.ceramics
Naj Shirazi @najshirazi
Nathaniel Trost @nathaniel_trost
Sirun Chen @chen_sirun
Sylvia S  @sylvia.kills
Tam Man Ching Michelle @m1he11
Xinyue Tao @xinyue_txy
Yulin Huang @prettybloodart

Food Designers

Giuseppe Burdo @giuseppib
Leyu Li
Yinglun Mao @cyber_mao
Raffaella Merolla @faffynafaf


Clara Ada Mantegazza @claramntgz
Nicole Zaninovich @nicolezaninovich
Elida Silvey @elida.silvey
Stephanie Ritzema @_stephritz


Hannah Koegler @hannkoeg


Alice Kim @anemone_kim


Arnaud Mbaki @arno.mbaki
George Nindi @georgenindi

Clara Ada Mantegazza

Clara is a London-based Italian poet, playwright, and host and producer of poetry nights and workshops. She exclusively writes in English and is a member of Gobjaw Poetry Collective. She writes poems centred around intimacy, the female experience, alienation and liberation from internalised patriarchal structures. Her current specific focus is on the sense of alienation in heterosexual relationships for women and the oppression of the role they have to take on in order to achieve intimacy in its structure. She is currently working on her debut poetry book.

Anoushka Gogoi

Anoushka is an independent curator from north-east India, Assam, currently based in London, UK. In her personal and academic research, she explores themes of female archetypes in magic, myth, and animism, influenced by her roots as an ethnic Tai-Ahom woman. Her current research is an analysis of tea ceremonies, the socio-economic impact they have on communities, and global contemporary tea culture. Anoushka has previously worked closely with the Marina Abramović Institute team during their Southbank Centre takeover, and at the Hayward Gallery.


Veronique Chen

Veronique is an independent curator from China, focusing on art projects that bring experience and reflection to various groups. She has curated exhibitions and projects in London, Paris, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Recently her research has shifted to the exploration of immigrant groups, intimate relationships and socially engaged art.

Giuseppe Burdo

Giuseppe is a designer aiming to provide inclusive ways to discover and connect with ourselves and others in a convivial way. Together with a rich team of collaborators, he wants to invite a diverse audience to gather around hand-made food in a participatory format.


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